Hatton Education And NCRQ : Innovative Safety Education

Hatton Education & NCRQ : Innovative Safety Education

Hatton Education and NCRQ : A Revolutionary Approach to Health and Safety Education

In today’s world, safety and health have become increasingly important in the workplace. With the emergence of new technologies, working methods, and industries, the need for proper safety and health practices has never been greater. (BBC News Ni)This is where Hatton Education and the National Compliance and Risk Qualifications (NCRQ) come in. Hatton Education is a leading provider of NCRQ courses in the UK, and their revolutionary approach to safety and health education is changing the game for professionals in the field.

What is NCRQ?

NCRQ is an awarding body that offers a range of health and safety qualifications. Their qualifications are recognized by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the leading professional body for health and safety practitioners in the UK. NCRQ’s qualifications are unique in that they are competency-based, meaning they are focused on practical application rather than just theoretical knowledge.

NCRQ’s courses are designed with the input of industry professionals and are constantly reviewed to ensure they are up-to-date with current legislation and best practices. (BBC News Ni) Their courses are also designed to be flexible, allowing students to study at their own pace and fit their studies around their existing commitments.

What makes Hatton Education different ?

While there are a number of providers offering NCRQ courses, Hatton Education stands out for their innovative approach to teaching. They believe that traditional methods of teaching health and safety can be dry and uninspiring, leading to disengaged students and a lack of retention of knowledge.

Hatton Education’s approach is different. They use a range of interactive teaching methods, including case studies, group discussions, and real-world scenarios, to bring the subject matter to life. They believe that this makes the learning experience more enjoyable, and ultimately more effective.

In addition to their teaching methods, Hatton Education also offers a range of support services to their students. This includes access to a team of tutors who are available to answer questions and provide guidance, as well as a range of resources and study aids to help students succeed.

The benefits of studying with Hatton Education

There are a number of benefits to studying with Hatton Education. Firstly, their approach to teaching means that students are more likely to retain the knowledge they have learned. This is because they are actively engaged in the learning process, rather than just passively absorbing information.

Secondly, Hatton Education’s courses are designed to be flexible, meaning students can study at their own pace and fit their studies around their existing commitments. This makes it easier for professionals who are already working in the field to gain the qualifications they need to progress in their careers.

Finally, Hatton Education’s courses are recognized by a range of professional bodies, including IOSH and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH). This means that students who complete their courses are well-placed to progress in their careers and take on more senior roles in their organizations.


In conclusion, Hatton Education and NCRQ are revolutionizing the way health and safety education is delivered. Their competency-based approach to teaching, combined with innovative teaching methods and a range of support services, is making it easier for professionals to gain the qualifications they need to progress in their careers.

If you are considering a career in health and safety, or if you are already working in the field and looking to progress, studying with Hatton Education could be the perfect next step. Their courses are flexible, engaging, and recognized by leading professional bodies, making them an excellent investment in your future.

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